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SureStepAsia was established in 2008 by Australian expat Kirsty Hulme, who still calls Hong Kong home. “This city has a remarkable vibe and positive energy. For us, it remains the heart of our business”.

Our operations began distributing exclusively for 2XU in Hong Kong and Macau. Since then, the SureStep team have led 2XU to achieve remarkable growth in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau and have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the retail environment and business community in Hong Kong.

Each of the brands we work with offer something unique and exciting. We embrace the challenge of understanding a brand, their goals for the market, their strengths, wins and learnings from around the world. We continue to work with brands looking for that trusted partnership to assist executing their brand, their way, in their voice with true brand-focused representation.

We are drawn to brands that are passionate about their identity, maintaining a strong focus on their mission and who are invested in collaborating with their partners to drive success. Our objective is always to engage with and represent quality product, with a distinct form and function, that enhances the consumer experience, has a strong story-telling ability, a sustainability initiative and priority, a drive to maintain integrity and who share our desire to build healthy, long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.